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Tuesday October 17th 2017

All praises for a Pinoy fruit curver in Europe

Did you know that even the simplest and cheapest fruits and vegetables can be turned into miniature woks of art on the edge of your plate by a few deft strokes of a fruit carving knife?  Thus a small carrot, tomato or cucumber is transformed into a rose or a chrysanthemum, into a fish or an animal.

This kind of art can be done by Danilo Palit, a Filipino fruit carver based in Europe.

His talent has been admired by thousands of people in Europe who have witnessed his skill on carving fruit. Recently, he demonstrated the art of carving using different kinds of fruits in a luxury ship sailing along the mediterrenean sea, with more or less thousand audience coming from all-over Europe.

Using his skilled hands and a small and very sharp pointed knife, Danilo turned  an ordinary papaya  into a bouquet of flowers, a radish becomes a tiny rabbit and a carrot a rare orchid.

“He is really a very talented guy. And people  joining our cruise appreciate his talent. This is the very reason why this demonstration and seminars on fruit carving are important part of our cruise programme,” Danny Buru, the romanian cruise’s director told ABS-CBN news.  

Danilo hails from Paete, a small, simple town in Laguna where Filipino ingenuity is constantly at work. Here, he learned  his skill on creating hand-crafted products.

“I came from a wood-carver family. Kaya nga nagkahilig ako na mag-ukit ng kahit anong klaseng bagay. I am very glad that I have been given the opportunity to share my talent here in Europe,” Danilo told ABS-CBN News.

Before coming to Europe, Danilo worked in a prestigious 5-star hotel in Manila, where he started to learn the art of fruit carving. He aimed high and was given the chance to travel abroad, where he now shares this one-of-a-kind talent.

“Wherever I give demonstrations, people are very much fascinated with this art. Since this is a God-given talent, I am always ready to share this to anyone. I am also conducting seminars and lessons on the technique of fruit curving. Mahirap din sa umpisa since, prior to the execution of your carving skill, it is essential to make all the proper arrangements. The carver must understand the texture of each fruit and use its natural colour to imitate that of the chosen subject,” Danilo explained.

Danilo is planning to publish a book on creative carving. He plans to presents simple, easy to make, and highly attractive ways of carving fruits and vegetables for salads, garnishes, unusual and exotic dishes, light-as-air fruit-based desserts, as well as table decorations that will do any hostess proud.

Hector Pascua, ABS-CBN News, Austria

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