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Wednesday September 20th 2017

Highway Toll – Autobahnvignette in Austria’s transit highways

Starting February 1, all vehicles passing by the highways in Austria are obliged to pay a vignette.

Austria permits drivers to purchase an Autobahnvignette for various periods of time, from ten days to a full year. The so-called Mautvignette (toll sticker) must be affixed to the inside of the front windshield. The stickers come in varying colors in different years, making it easier for the police to spot an invalid Autobahnpickerl, Austrian slang for “autobahn sticker.” To prevent misuse, the stickers are also designed to tear apart if removed from the window glass.

Prices for an Austrian passenger-car vignette range from 7.90 euros (ca. $10) for a 10-day sticker to 76.50 euros ($99) for a year (14 months). You can buy an Austrian vignette at gas stations, at border crossings, or at post offices. It is also possible to purchase an Austrian autobahn sticker from automobile clubs, and in Tourism offices.

Tip: Sometimes people sell extra vignettes at eBay or other online auction sites.

In addition to the normal autobahn sticker, there are tolls for several stretches on the Austrian highway network. Examples include the Brenner Pass autobahn (€8.00), the Tauern autobahn (€10.00), and the Arlberg tunnel (€8.50). Driving through the Felbertauern tunnel costs €10.00, while the scenic Großglockner Alpine road will set you back €26.00.

NOTE: The fine in Austria for driving on the autobahn without a valid sticker: 400-4000 euros (ca. $545-$5450). That does not include the toll surcharge penalty (€120/$160) that must be paid at the same time. That means the minimum fine could cost you more than six times as much as the cost of an annual Austrian autobahn sticker!

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  1. Auto-Otto says:

    Absolut interessanter Text mit einigen informativen Neuigkeiten für mich. Ich bin enorm interessiert wie sich die Geschichte weiterentwickelt. Im Automobil Geschäft ist allzeit reichlich Fortentwicklung und die Fortschritte überschlagen sich permanent.

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