A taste of Asia in the heart of Austria
Tuesday October 17th 2017

Austro-Asian Press on its 1st Year

Filipinos in Austria have started to show signs of being well-established in the country. One of the clearest indications of this is the presence of  this news-magazine, the AUSTRO-ASIAN PRESS a year-old Filipino magazine with the Filipinos and Austrians as its intended readers.

Tagged as a “magazine for Filipinos and Austrians who want to have a taste of Asia in the heart of Austria” Austro-Asian Press is a premium quality publication for the Filipinos in Austria.”

Austro-Asian Press  wishes to create opportunities for the local advertising and retail sectors in Austria to advertise and reach out to the sizeable Filipino population.

Mr. Albert Hwang, the publisher of the news-magazine noted that Austro-Asian Press features Filipino lifestyle, communities, and advocacy  that could help to boost the confidence of Filipinos working abroad and “provide them a positive outlook.”

 As the Editor of this news-magazine, my primary aim is to ingrain national pride among Filipinos by combining fashion and lifestyle with community events and advocacy. A huge portion of Austro-Asian Press is devoted to uplifting the Pinoy’s image and self-esteem.

Along this line, Austro-Asian Press regularly features articles and stories about the Filipino achievements. At the same time, it highlights articles on Filipino heritage, traditions and culture.

Austro-Asian Press has columns such as Service, wherein basic information on ensuring the Filipino future like insurance, investment, entrepreneurship and specific issues like real estate are discussed.

Austro-Asian Press  covers a whole new spectrum of news, views and features from the Philippines, and a special focus on people and community events. And we’re big on love of country.

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Mag. Hector Pascua

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