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Tuesday October 17th 2017

Floods spread chaos throughout Austria

Austrian national television reported that one person has been killed and two people are still reported missing after torrential rain over the weekend caused devastating flooding throughout Austria.

In the town of St. Johann (Pongau) near Salzburg, a man was sweept to his death by a mudslide and two other are reported missing after being carried away by flod waters.

Towns situated near the Danube River are the worst affected by the heavy flooding. Hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate their homes or be rescued as flood waters continue to rise. Most affected provinces are Salzburg, Tyrol, Upper and Lower Austria. Experts believe the consequences could worse than the devastating floods which had catastrophic effects in 2002.

Road and rail traffic has been severely affected with many routes impassable.
The new mobile protective dams in the Wachau area of Lower-Austria between Krems and Melk are being tested to their limits, but parts of the historical centre have already been flooded.

Austrian Television and big newspaper companies in Austria opened up an account number for donations in ordert o help the affected families in the flooded areas.

n Hector Pascua, ABS-CBN News

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