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Tuesday October 17th 2017

Hopes and Prayers – May 13, 2013 Philippine Elections

On May 13, 2013,  the Filipino people head for the polls to elect a dozen senators plus local officials including congressmen, governors and mayors. We hope and pray that the elections will be a peaceful one.

Nevertheless, I am not quite sure if our hope and prayers will be heard by a number of  scrupolous candidates.

The Comelec declared  election hot spots where the political battles will likely lead to accusations of cheating. In this regard, as we have experienced in the past, camps of losing candidates would surely do whatever action they feel is necessary to avoid impending defeat. In the end, this would result into violence  with number of casualties.

Such show of violence describes that the Philippines has not yet reached a level of political maturity worthy of a true democracy. Political dynasties will do everything to remain in power, and resorting to extreme violence is always an option.

Again, it is our hope and prayer that there will be no bloodshed May 13, 2013.

I am very much confident that the majority of the voters are now enlightened and will surely do their best to safeguard the ballots. The civil society, the Church and the youth  with the big support of the media have become more active in their work to make it possible  that all elections be fair and peaceful.

We  remember too the teachers, who will serve on the election day and the days after. Their life is indeed most at risk, since these unarmed teachers are compelled to do poll duty on May 13. For their sake, it is hoped that the May 13, 2013 midterm elections will be a peacuful one.

Our foremost hope and dream:  To see the defeated candidates willingly conceding to the winners, and those same winners being humble and magnanimous in their triumph.

– Hector Pascua

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