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Tuesday October 17th 2017

New Price for Highway Vignette (Sticker)

This year, prices for the use of Austria’s motorway  are adjusted  on the harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP) which has  increased this year by 3.6 percent. Thus, the car-year vignette for the 2013 cost 80,60 euros and 32,10 euros for motorcycles.

New rates for 2013 cars (or any two-lane vehicle up to 3.5 tons):
10-day vignette: EUR 8,30
2-month sticker: EUR 24,20
Annual vignette: EUR 80,60

New rates for 2013 bikes (single-track car):
10-day vignette: EUR 4,80
2-month sticker: EUR 12,10
Annual vignette: EUR 32,10

The vignette is as usual valid for 14 months, from 1 December of the previous year to 31 January of the following year.

If you are caught without a sticker on one of Austria’s motorways a fine of  120,00 Euros will be charged immediately. If one could not pay on the spot, the  fine will increase  from 300 to 3000 Euros.

– Hector Pascua

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