A taste of Asia in the heart of Austria
Tuesday October 17th 2017

Filipino Community in Austria big events in June and July

June and July 2012 – two big Pinoy events are taking place during these months – Philippine Independence Day Ball and Barrio Fiesta.

These wonderful occasions bring us together.  We need to set aside our differences and think as one people, one nation!

This sense of unity,  of having common heritage should continue to keep Filipinos in Austria together.  It is this sense of community that will allow us  to face the tremendous challenges confronting our  lives as Filipinos living in a foreign land.

We have heard and read the lessons of unity many times before. But it bears repeating as we ponder on the  significance of these celebrations – that is, to work together  in order to attain greater heights and fully enjoy the fruits of independence.

May the commemoration of  the 114th Philippine Independence and the traditional Barrio Fiesta inspire each one of us about our power and responsibility to help  achieve true progress for all Filipinos.

Mag. Hector Pascua

(The writer works as  a pastoral theologian under the  Catholic Diocese of Vienna. Bestowed the titles Magister in Philosophy and Magister in Theology  from the Theologische Hochschule St. Gabriel and Catholic University of Vienna. He teaches religion to children in the elementary and secondary grades in Vienna. As a journalist, he writes for ABS-CBN News. He is also the Austrian Correspondent for ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau.)

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