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Tuesday October 17th 2017

Tommy Aquino – a Pinoy artist

Tommy Aquino is a Filipino artist, who enjoys using a great variety of mediums to achieve his visions!
Tommy  has been living and working for more than 10 years in Austria, and this seems to greatly reflect in his art.

He started painting as a hobby , however, this soon grew into a passion and obsession, especially when his paintings started to sell and his art started to receive more interest in the Filipino and Austrian circles.
Tommy loves experimenting on his favourite mediums which are acryllic and Watercolours. He is also very adapt at utilizing air brushing, which he does to great affect on materials such as various fabrics.
Austro-Asian Press is very much  certain that everyone will enjoy his art. Filipinos  in Austria wish Tommy  all the very best for his artistic future. We are certainly looking forward to his future works of art.

Austro-Asian PRESS (AAP) – What is your painting style and how did you find it?

Tommy Aquino – I don’t know… every painting of mine are different in subject and execution.

AAP – How long does it take for you to complete a piece? 

Tommy Aquino – It depends… it depends on the desire, subject, size, necessity and needs!

AAPRESS – Tell us about how your art evolved into what it is now - Its beginnings, its present and its future…  Where do you want to bring your art?  

Tommy Aquino – I just want my paintings to outlive me. My paintings will be the distinguishing mark of my own existence. ..that is my consciousness every time I’m painting.

AAPRESS – How has your family supported or challenged your career in the arts?

Tommy Aquino – Without my family, I will not be an artist.

AAPRESS – How do you describe the paintings?

Tommy Aquino – The paintings were inspired by my impressions and reflections of my experiences both in the Philippines and here in Austria.  These artworks chronicle my emotional journey, culminating in hope and a resolve to overcome.  These works have served as my refuge and my sanctuary.

AAPRESS – Do you have any guidance for the next generation of artists?

Tommy Aquino -  Just do it. People have asked me the same question and I told them that don’t look for money, look elsewhere if you want to get rich. You just have to love the medium. Not just the industry but the medium itself. Tell stories using images. Share them. Enjoy what you do.

AAPRESS – You have also a collection of paintings on “sabong”  or cockfighting. What is your inspiration to do such an artwork?

Tommy Aquino – I was a passionate “sabungero” when I was still in the Philippines. Since there is no cockfighting here, I tried to refresh my passion by creating the scenes in a cockpit arena when roosters clashing and cockfighting aficionados shout their bets. At a snap, roosters fitted with “tare” sharp blades on their legs fly up in the air and battle for supremacy to the thundering delight of the crowd. A victorious cock emerges the winner while the loser bleeds on the ground waiting to sewed or stewed. It’s bedlam inside the cockpit arena.

AAPRESS- Tell us something about your future exhibition. You titled the event “Be my Guest.”

Tommy Aquino – Yes, everyone is cordially invited to the opening of the 2-days art exhibition, on June 3-4, 2011.  We have invited distinguished guests from the Philippine Embassy and from the Austrian Art scene. The opening ceremony will take place on June 3 at   four o’çlock in the afternoon at the Salvatorianer Kirche, 1100 Vienna.
The “BE MY GUEST” art exhibition will feature a  collection of paintings on canvas, rendered acrylic.

AAPRESS – Thank you for the interview goodluck to your upcoming art exhibition.

Tommy Aquino -  My pleasure.

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