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Tuesday October 17th 2017

Be a role Model!

A lot of Filipinos working and living abroad and in many parts of the world can help our country. Filipinos abroad formed different kinds of organizations most of them with charitable aims for the good of our mother land. Common goals of such organizations are: unity and prosperity and to promote Filipino traditions and culture.  Through our togetherness, we want to hare our hospitality, food, laughter, songs and dance to other foreign countries and especially to the land that we  are living in now.  Despite of some difficulties, we were able to emerge to be one heart: A FILIPINO.

One common goal is unity and understanding among us, a stronger binding of our friendship being a Filipino as a role model to our growing children having to introduce to them the common values, cultures and traditions to them most importantly a common vision of literacy in the Philippines. Filipino children as everybody says by heart are the hope of our nation and Education is always a key to be progressive.  My call our fellow Filipinos here: be active in many ways, passive in many senses and supportive by heart.

Mag. Hector Pascua, Editor

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